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YouTuber Sets Up Glitter Bomb Trap For Parcel Thieves

YouTuber Sets Up Glitter Bomb Trap One of the biggest issues currently going around in petty crime is the theft of Amazon packages. When you don't have a dropbox or a ...

2 hours ago

Yeston Reveal Black And Pink AMD Radeon RX 590

AMD Radeon RX 590 In terms of graphics card manufacturers, Yeston is probably a company that not many have heard of. Even here at the eTeknix office, while we are certainly ...

4 hours ago

Google’s China Search Engine Hits Major ‘Dragonfly’ Snag

Google's China Search Engine It's hardly been a secret that over the course of 2018, Google has been working towards releasing a search engine that would comply with ...

4 hours ago

Razer Tease Wireless Xbox One Keyboard And Mouse

Razer Wireless Xbox One Keyboard And Mouse One of the biggest (and long-standing) advantages that a PC has over a console is the use of a keyboard and mouse. It's exactly ...

5 hours ago

Solid And Liquid Snake Read ‘The Night Before Metal Gear’

The Night Before Metal Gear With Christmas coming, it's not unusual to see a few parody videos pop up on the internet. For fans of Metal Gear Solid though, you are ...

5 hours ago

Thermaltake Riing Trio 12 Premium Fan Kit Review

Thermaltake Riing Trio 12 Thermaltake may be, at least in comparative terms of other brands, pretty new to the Western market that hasn't, however, stopped them ...

7 hours ago

Ford Reveal Noise Cancelling Dog Kennel Design

Ford Reveal Noise Cancelling Dog Kennel Design Anyone who owns a dog knows that there are two times of the year that can be pretty miserable. Specifically, bonfire night ...

21 hours ago
playstation classic

PlayStation Classic Reportedly Selling Poorly In Japan

PlayStation Classic Selling Poorly In Japan Given the huge success that the NES and SNES classics saw, you would have thought that the PlayStation Classic was also bound to ...

21 hours ago

League Of Legends To Drop Windows XP Support Next Year

League Of Legends Drops XP Microsoft has officially abandoned Windows XP for around 4 years now. How time flies, right? Despite that though, it seems that many companies ...

21 hours ago
Razer Raiju Mobile Gaming Controller Now Available

Razer Raiju Mobile Gaming Controller Now Available

Full Control For Gamers on The Go Razer has launched their latest gaming controller in the form of the Raiju Mobile gaming controller. It is modeled from an Xbox One ...

21 hours ago

Bloodhound SSC Land Speed Vehicle Gets Funding!

Bloodhound SSC Well, it's certainly been a bit of a rollercoaster in terms of the development of the Bloodhound SSC throughout the latter part of 2018. For those of you who ...

22 hours ago
Lenovo Launches ThinkPad L390 and L390 Yoga Notebooks

Lenovo Launches ThinkPad L390 and L390 Yoga Notebooks

Platform Upgrade for ThinkPad's L series Lenovo is adding two more options to their ThinkPad notebook lineup. These are the new ThinkPad L390 and ThinkLad L390 ...

22 hours ago
LG Announces 32" QHD IPS FreeSync Monitor for Only $300

LG Announces the 32QK500-W 32″ QHD IPS Monitor for $349

Say Hello to the LG 32QK500-W LG is really pushing the boundaries of bang-for-buck displays. After introducing a 32-inch 10-bit 4K UHD 32UK550-B earlier this year, they ...

23 hours ago
Gigabyte Announces the AORUS 2080 Ti TURBO Video Card

Gigabyte Releases 2080 Ti TURBO Video Cards with Blower Fan

Vapour-Chamber + Blower Fan Cooler Rumours of Gigabyte releasing an RTX 2080 Ti with a blower fan surfaced two weeks ago. Now the company confirms it by officially ...

24 hours ago

Alien Isolation Was Originally Intended To Be Third Person

Alien Isolations Much Different Beginnings Alien Isolation is, today, regarded as perhaps one of the best horror games ever created. Regardless of your opinion of the game ...

24 hours ago
NVIDIA 11XX Series Launch Deliberately Delayed for August 30?

Nvidia May Be Preparing Notebook GDDR5 MX250 GPU

Nvidia To Release Turing Based MX250? The releasing of the Nvidia 20XX series introduced us to the brand new Turing architecture. From what we've seen of it so far, the ...

1 day ago

Game Charts Reveal What’s Likely Under The Christmas Tree

What's Under The Christmas Tree! With Christmas coming, I daresay that more than a few of our fans here at eTeknix are hoping to find a game or two under the tree or in ...

1 day ago

UK Games Industry Forms Official Union

UK Games Industry Forms Union For many, the prospect of being a video game developer sounds like a great job. I mean, you get to make games for a living! How awesome does ...

1 day ago

Steam To Stop Supporting Older Versions Of MacOS

Steam To Stop Supporting Older MacOS Admittedly, you would struggle to find many who would make the effective argument that MacOS is a great platform for gaming. Despite ...

1 day ago
kingdom hearts 3

Square Enix Begs Fans To Hush-Up Kingdom Hearts 3 Spoilers

Kingdom Hearts 3 Spoilers Leak With the possible exception of Resident Evil 2, there are few games more hugely anticipated at the moment than the upcoming release of ...

1 day ago

Nvidia RTX 2060 Advertising Specifications Leak

Nvidia RTX 2060 Despite there being more than a few rumours to the existence of a planned Nvidia 2060 release (including an actual graphics card that was leaked last week) ...

1 day ago

London Holds Face Recognition Software Trial

London Trials Facial Recognition One of the most controversial technologies currently emerging on the market is facial recognition. Those with a more Orwellian turn believe ...

1 day ago
Noctua NH-U12S DX-3647 Photo view with fan angle

Noctua NH-U12S DX-3647 (LGA3647) CPU Cooler Review

Noctua NH-U12S DX-3647 (LGA3647) CPU Cooler Review Today we're starting a new segment of our cooler reviews. This new series of reviews will be based around server ...

1 day ago

1More Spearhead VR BT In-Ear Headphones Review

Introduction1More Spearhead Time and time again, 1More has blown us away with their phenomenal headphones and headsets. Of course, that means I'm very eager to ...

2 days ago
just cause 4

Just Cause 4 New Patch Improves Interaction And Game Stability

Just Cause 4 Gets First Post Release Patch At this point, it's pretty safe to say that Just Cause 4 has had a pretty rough release. That isn't to say that the game is ...

3 days ago

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